Jens Palupski

In my almost 25 years of working as a defence lawyer, I have defended clients against charges of murder and manslaughter in numerous trials before a grand criminal chamber. During this time I have learned how to deal with the extreme burden that these trials impose on the people involved and how to approach the challenges that occur in and outside the courtroom.

It is my firm believe that in criminal defence the goal determines the path. This goal should always be the best possible outcome for the client. I see myself as the one who guides my clients to achieve this goal, rather than as an accompanying consultant. The appeal of my work is that in order to achieve this goal every case is different and must be approached in a different way. I am used to responsibility and decision-making even under extreme pressure. In this regard, I appreciate directness and do not shy away from inconvenient truths. I am aware that the outcome of criminal proceedings is not solely in my hand. However, at the end of every trial I hope to have fulfilled my clients’ expectations.

I have been able to draw on my experiences in court and in interacting with the investigation authorities during the many years I have defended clients and represented businesses and authorities in commercial criminal cases. I know how to evaluate the development of these proceedings and how to influence them for the benefit of my clients. I also include the often simultaneous consultation of specialists from other areas of law and defend them effectively before the investigation authorities.

For instance, I have defended senior staff members against charges of violations of the Federal Act on Foreign Trade or of corruption; lawyers and management consultants against allegations of embezzlement, subsidy fraud or tax evasion; and doctors against charges of submission of false claims. I am often consulted in the context of business crises and assigned to represent persons who are charged with delay of insolvency, bankruptcy offences or embezzlement. I also give legal advice to regional authorities and companies regarding criminal charges against employees.

I was born in Hannover in 1968 and attended law school at the Universities of Münster and Cologne. I decided to become a criminal lawyer during my time as a legal trainee and particularly when I worked for a renowned criminal lawyer at a grand criminal chamber at the regional court Berlin. I have been a solicitor since 1997, a specialist lawyer for criminal law since 2003 and a member of the Committee of Specialist Lawyers of the Berlin Bar Association since 2013 (Fachanwaltsausschusses der Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin).

Jens Palupski

Solicitor and specialist lawyer for criminal law.