Capital criminal cases and complex criminal cases

Murder, manslaughter and various other offences resulting in death are capital offences. Threat of punishment is extremely high and may lead to imprisonment for life.

Defending such criminal cases requires a high degree of responsibility and experience, also in areas such as forensic medicine, forensic psychiatry and criminology.

The comprehensive exploration of specific special issues, ranging from medical topics to technological issues to psychological and socio-cultural questions, is often the basis of a successful defence.

This also applies to the defence of complex and extensive cases. They are characterized by a great amount of material and evidence and involve a large number of actors. Dealing with those cases requires a high degree of logic and stable communication structures. The in some cases lengthy main trial needs sustainable planning. As the proceedings of the main trail are dynamic, the situation must be continuously evaluated and procedural actions adjusted to the specific situation.

We are criminal lawyers

We analyse the charges brought against you and develop solutions for your case. For this purpose, we can draw on decades-long specialized experiences, which allows us to achieve the optimal outcome. Of course we pay particular attention to various possibilities of proceedings being dismissed according to the Code of Criminal Procedure.