Company criminal law

Company criminal law is a highly topical subject. The significance of criminal law provisions is increasing for companies of any size and line of business.

For some time now there has been a draft law on association sanctions (for more information see german version). This law is intended to create a specific criminal liability for companies. This is a radical change in criminal law. Up to now, criminal proceedings could only be brought against natural persons. The new initiative is following a longstanding trend and is intended to apply to any company, regardless of its size.

The law already provides several regulations that may result in considerable fines and incidental financial consequences for the company.

We counsel companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of the type and size of the business, in all matters of criminal law. We represent and defend managers, senior and executive staff members and employees against charges brought against them individually.

In particular we represent damaged companies in the investigation of criminal offences committed against this company and in the context of asset recovery. We file for criminal charges and communicate with the investigation authorities.

We are criminal lawyers

We analyse the charges brought against you and develop solutions for your case. For this purpose, we can draw on decades-long specialized experiences, which allows us to achieve the optimal outcome. Of course we pay particular attention to various possibilities of proceedings being dismissed according to the Code of Criminal Procedure.