Tax criminal law

Defence in criminal tax matters requires special expertise. Criminal tax law is one of the core areas of commercial criminal law.

Criminal tax law is extremely complex and permeates all areas of life, in particular economic and entrepreneurial activities. Every false statement regarding tax matters towards the tax authorities involves the risk of criminal charges. Often these charges are made subsequent to tax audits or they result from control reports of the tax authorities.

If criminal tax proceedings are opened, the rights of the defendant conflict with their tax obligations. We protect your criminal procedural rights – without losing track of your tax obligations. Of particular importance is the advice on voluntary declaration to avoid punishment: if this declaration is incorrect or incomplete, the taxable person faces serious disadvantages.

Criminal tax law is often teamwork. We closely cooperate with tax accountants and auditors to clarify and establish the correct tax. The loss assessment of the tax authorities is often unsubstantiated and exaggerated. We analyse and question the allegations.

Penalties for tax offences have been tightened over the course of recent years. Not least against the backdrop of prominent examples, public awareness that these cases are not trivial has increased.

Investigation in tax offences can easily become an existential threat. The spectrum of criminal tax law matters is relatively broad. It ranges from minor offences within the private sphere (for example: tax deductibility of a study in private homes) to highly organized business models with the sole purpose to evade taxes. This particularly includes Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) fraud, which can cause fiscal damage in the millions.

We are criminal lawyers

Criminal tax law offers special defense opportunities. We analyse the charges brought against you and develop solutions for your case. For this purpose, we can draw on decades-long specialized experiences, which allows us to achieve the optimal outcome. Of course we pay particular attention to various possibilities of proceedings being dismissed according to the Code of Criminal Procedure.