Our focus

We operate exclusively as a criminal defence firm. We consult and defend individuals and businesses in every step of the proceedings. Our particular focus in on commercial criminal law, which permeates ever growing areas of entrepreneurial activity. Charges against companies and responsible persons become increasingly complex, the regulatory density has increased considerably.

One core area is insolvency criminal law. Times of economic instability are particularly crucial periods for businesses in crisis, but also in terms of criminal penalties. Employer criminal law provides for penalties related to withholding payment of social security contributions, so-called cash-in-hand jobs and offences against other legal regulations. Subsidy criminal law refers to allegations related to the usage of public subsidies. Topics around IT and data protection, including IT forensics, assume ever greater importance, given the progressing digitization.

In medical malpractice, criminal law and medical criminal law we defend charges related to both a physician’s medical and economic activities, including submissions of claims. In tax criminal law our services range from assistance with voluntary disclosure of tax liabilities to the defence against charges related to violations of the tax laws in the main trial.

We advise and defend companies of any size in relation to all risks and questions of criminal law – even though a genuine company criminal law does not yet exist in Germany. In addition, we also defend companies that have suffered damages and assist them with filing charges.

We also defend capital law cases and provide representation in complex proceedings – this is particularly given our extensive forensic experience in lengthy main proceedings.