Kai Kempgens

Every problem, every situation, every case has its own particularity. This never ceases to fascinate me, even after 17 years of being a criminal lawyer. I have encountered many people, fates, problems and constellations. And every time I feel challenged to search for the actual ‘twist’. Often, it is about actual questions, scientific or academic topics, technological backgrounds or, of course, legal issues. I’m always happy to accept these challenges.

I like to go into detail, particularly in respect to IT-based technological questions. Not everyone might share my interest for details when it comes to digital issues. Given the significance of data and electronic data processing in our everyday and occupational life, the meaning of this data can, in my view, hardly be overestimated. Here often lies the key to success lies – which is also true of criminal defence. This is why I am frequently asked by other lawyers, tax accountants and auditors to consult in specific questions regarding digital evidence and forensics.

During recent years, I have dealt with several extensive criminal proceedings, with some of them receiving substantial public attention. This applies, among others, to the trial over the ‘betting shop murder’, the theft of the gold coin from the Berlin Bode Museum and the superior ‘EncroChat’ proceedings.

I have defended several complex cases in the field of commercial criminal law, among others against charges of subsidy fraud, embezzlement, withholding payment of contributions and most serious cases of fraud.

In such complex situations, a structured approach as well as reliability and diligence in particular pay off. I believe that the extremely high degree of responsibility I have as a solicitor includes a personal, honest and direct relationship with my clients. I will always openly communicate goals, objectives and risks.

My longstanding experiences in court and with investigation authorities allow for a realistic implementation and the sustainable achievement of the ideal outcome. I am used to communicating quickly and interacting spontaneously. This involves the often necessary close teamwork with other solicitors, barristers and external experts.

I was born in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1975 and have lived in Berlin for more than 25 years. During and after my studies, I worked as an IT system administrator and web designer before being admitted as a solicitor to the German Bar Association in 2004. Since the beginning of my studies I have focused on criminology and criminal procedural law. I worked as a lecturer at a criminological research institute and was appointed specialist lawyer for criminal law in 2008.

Kai Kempgens

Solicitor and specialist lawyer for criminal law.
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Current trainings:

  • 04./05.09.2020: Referent bei Bad Saarower Tage „Verteidigung mit und gegen IT“
  • 24.06.2021: Fortbildung EncroChat & Sky ECC global: Verteidigung gegen digitale Beweismittel aus länderübergreifenden „Staats-Hacks“ gemeinsam mit RA Dr. Toralf Nöding
  • 12./13.11.2021: Referent auf dem 38. Herbstkolloquium der AG-Strafrecht in Leipzig zum Thema “Encrochat – technische und rechtliche Aspekte”