Dr. Jan Philipp Book

A clear analysis is always the requisite of dedicated criminal defence. It is my conviction that this is particularly true in criminal law, in order to make the right strategic decisions. Especially at the beginning of a mandate it is often the first step to comprehend the situation and outline possible actions. Only then can a decisive defence start.

Since my time as a university lecturer I have been fascinated by a clear, scientific approach. It is my approach to identify the legal core of allegations made and tackling the issue from there by determining where legal or actual foundations are missing – particularly in matters of commercial criminal law.

Working as a solicitor is no longer (exclusively) tied to an office. I use all possible digital and technological communication tools, with laptop and mobile phone at hand at all times. I believe that short communication channels are essential for cooperation.

The focus of my work is commercial criminal law. I have defended complex and extended cases before criminal chambers at regional courts – especially in the context of charges of VAT evasion, corruption and investment fraud. I also have vast experience in cases before grand criminal chambers. Within commercial criminal law I specialize in insolvency offences. I actively engage in this field on a regular basis by providing advanced training courses and contributing expert articles.

I studied at Humboldt University of Berlin and took my law exams in Berlin. From 2007 to 2010, I worked as a lecturer at the law school of Humboldt University. In this context, I focused on international criminal law, particularly the practice of ad hoc courts and the application of international criminal law. In 2011, I gained a doctorate with a PhD thesis on Appeal and Sentence in International Criminal Law. From 2012 to 2016, I worked for a Berlin law firm specialized in commercial criminal law.

Dr. Jan Philipp Book

Solicitor and specialist lawyer for criminal law.